Ben exudes an approachable, professional & relaxed yet, focused style. He maintains presence throughout each session and gently guides, nurtures and directs. As a result, Ben brings an air of calm, attention and purpose to the proceedings. Additionally, he competently maintains the flow of information exchange, collaboration, challenge and direction; All at an appropriately active pace whilst, remaining on-topic. He is highly educated, very comfortable in his own skin and therefore, confidently & competently offers a wealth of knowledge & topic-appropriate golden nuggets of information. This helps to draw the audience towards him. His style nurtures, encourages, stokes & supports both the thinking and participative aspects of a session. He has the natural ability to open the floor for discussion, debate & participation. Additionally, Ben is a master at offering the opportunity for specific & target-focussed learning & contemplation to the floor whilst, supporting progressive Q&A, nurturing outcomes & holding the reins to ensure the topic outcomes reach their intended purpose & destination. Business needs Ben!